Piano Action and Key Repair

The action is the collective name of thousands of the interconnected parts inside the piano which is the workhorse responsible to cause the sound to be produces when you depress the key.  (Springs, levers, wires, wood strips, cloth, felt, leathers, flanges ,pins, screws, lion, tigers and bears…………oh my!)

One foundation of piano ownership is to make sure the action is in good repair.  Over time changes in temperature, humidity and amount of piano playing causes parts to wear down and break, much like our own bodies.  Broken and worn parts not only prevent good regulation and tuning, but it is a waste of money to attempt these types of service without being in good repair.

Repair as well as regulation and voicing rates are at $40/hr.

Filling a grand piano hammer Easing a balance rail bushing
Hammer filing Balance rail pin easing
Front rail easing Torque of tuning pins
Repinning a wippen flange checking the flange friction
Whippen repinning Whippen Flange

Black Polyester Repair
Left: picture of a polyester finish with a deep scratch and light haze scratches
Right: picture of repaired polyester finish

New Plastic Key Tops An Example of Our Refinishing

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